SS24 - History


This section is devoted to the beginnings of the class, and includes newspaper clippings of the day favourably impressed by young Kim Swarbrick's design. It's early racing prowess drew interest from interstate and before long SS24's were being built on the east coast as well.

There's a newspaper report about an intrepid couple of guys who set sail for the UK in one; whatever happened to that voyage I'd be interested to hear so if you know about the adventure of Holliday and Francis let me know! - The latest I heard was that they arrived in Singapore, liked the place, and decided to stay.

Many yachties have moved on from this class to bigger vessels, but still hold fond memories of their Spacesailers; so again, if you have a tale to tell, please drop me a line!

These newspaper clippings were supplied by the designer himself, Kim Swarbrick who still lives in Perth. To view the stories in full, click on the thumbnails below.

New 24 foot design announced


SS24 First Race

WA Yacht design is East Coast choice


UK Voyage (Holliday & Francis

THE WEST AUSTRALIAN 30-06-1972, Update on this story as at 2 Feb., 2011

Local cruiser is robust and roomy

INDEPENDENT 23-08-1970

Original Schematic
New SS24/34 on road to sydney

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