29 Oct-8 Nov, 2010 – Antifoul

Before lifting Pekeri from the water it was mandatory to be OH&S inducted by the marina staff in order to be able to do the work in the SYC yard.

On the day it was mandatory to report to the yard office and, register intent to lift Pekeri and be issued with an “OH&S INDUCTED” safety vest to be worn while doing any work in the yard.

29 Oct 2010 - Friday

9:00AM – Lift out with travel lift..

Pekeri was mainly fouled along the water line with slime and some green algae. Minimum barnacles on the rudder and lower part of the keel.

Bottom cleaned with high pressure gurney and slight scraping with metal spatula to remove the more stubborn barnacles. After gurney Pekeri placed on 4 post trolley and secured in place with ropes from jib winches and mast to the four trolley posts.

30-31 Oct,  1-2 Nov 2010 – Sat, Sun, Mon & Tue

Sand bottom with coarse (60 grit) and medium (120 grit) power sander.

3 Nov 2010 – Wed

10:00AM Marine survey for Club Marine insurance purposes, 7 years since last survey. Marine surveyor, Gary Jago 0419 894 726 from Mt. Martha.

Second sanding of bottom using medium (120 grit) and fine (300 grit).

Second sanding the topsides with 600 and 800 grit.

Power sander & wet & dry paper.

Primocon undercoat for under the antifouling on all bare areas.

Blue 10 day tape applied to edges of top sides and antifouling waterline.

4 Nov 2010 – Thu

AM - TOPLAC   applied to top sides using roller and brush for tipping. (Professional painter on site gave me advice to tip with the brush in sharp vertical strokes not horizontal strokes, for final coat also advised not to use roller as this tends to aerate the paint, use paint thinned and apply with large good soft brush, finishing with sharp vertical strokes. Must work quickly).

PM – 1st coat of MICRON EXTRA antifouling applied with roller and brush.

5 Nov 2010 – Fri

Lightly hand sand topsides with 600-800 grip wet and dry.

Apply second coats of TOPLAC and MICRON EXTRA

Apply 3rd coat of MICRON EXTRA to starboard waterline.

6 Nov 2010 – Sat

Apply 3rd coat of MICRON EXTRA to port waterline, rudder and keel edges.

Remove existing tape and reapply tape to outer edges of boot stripe.

Dry fine sand boot stripe and apply undercoat.

7 Nov 2010 – Sun

Apply top coat of Urethane to boot stripe. Remove all tape. Apply signage.


8 Nov 2010 – Mon

Arranged for re-launch on Tuesday 1:00PM

9 Nov 2010 – Tue

Ready for sailing




Sandpaper, brushes, rollers, tape, blades                             $147.97

Topsides paint:

Epoxy thinner 1l                                                                  $23.95

Enamel Thinners 500ml                                                       $14.95

Toplac Green 1l                                                                  $43.95

Below the water:

Primocon 1l                                                                        $44.95

Micron Extra 4l                                                                  $249.00

Topcoat fine cutting polish/wax                                           $24.80

Total Materials:                                                                                                $548.60

Survey                                                                                                               $600

Yard Costs: (Member concession rates)

Travel lift - $8.5/ft x 24ft                                                     $183.60

Gerney -                                                                             $57.60

Hardstand - $0.55/ft/day x 11days                                      $132.00

Total Yard Costs                                                                                               $373.20

Grand total Costs                                                                                              $1,521.20