Removing the rudder from a SS24

This is the method I used to remove the rudder from Pekeri to add a nylon shim under the tiller mounting block to reduce movement and vibration.

Tools required:

Bag/net/ropes to hold the rudder up when romoving the tiller on deck.



Long 5mm diameter punch - cut off screw driver is ideal



Fit the rudder blade in the bag, net or tie up with ropes to make sure rudder blade does not fall beneath the boat. When the rudder is in the bag tie the bag off to the pushpit rails.

Note that there are no fixings under the boat for the rudder. The only item noticeable is the rudder turning bush moulded into the bottom of the boat. Make sure this is not damaged in any way.


After the rudder is secure, from the cockpit, using the spanner and multigrips, remove the pivot bolt holding the tiller.

Then using the hammer jently tap the turning block to loosen it, using the flat screw driver jently prise the block up until the key becomes loose and is able to be gripped with the multigrips - remove the key.

Finally using the punch or cut off screw driver and the hammer tap out the rudder pin. When this is removed the rudder will fall into the bag/net or ropes holding the rudder.


Caution: do not perforate the very thin fibreglass making the waterproof jacket for the rudder rod.

To reinstall the rudder reverse the above procedures.