Q & A

1.     Leaking Chainplates

Scott Valentine asked can you recommend how to stop the chainplates leaking? The attached article found on ideas locker: Petrea Heathwood, Cruising Helmsman September 2009.

Browsing the web I found that basically this is the best method suggested by all who have entered something on the subject.

2.     Yanmar 1GM

Geoff Dannock geoffdan@netspace.net.au wrote, If anyone is still sailing around with an inboard Yanmar 1GM that needs working on, I can provide a few useful pdf file manuals etc.

3.     Provisions List

Click here for the provision list I use on Pekeri. Provisions include what I normally hold on board for on the spur of the moment decisions to go sailing, and what I add for special day sails, weekends away and full weeks away. for longer periods just multiply values. This is just a suggested list with special provisions provided for special days.

4.     Removing the rudder

Jim Mitchell - SS24 Chameleon wrote: Iíve just bought a SS24 and had a bit of a disaster already. I think I have cracked the rudder Ė it turns one way ok but not at all the other. A quick dive below suggested a crack but then I donít know what it felt like before! Can you advise Ė is it easy to remove the rudder without lifting the boat out of the water? Any tips? Presumably it means undoing screws under water at the base of the rudder, ditto in the cockpit and then sliding it out? Any suggestions appreciated.

This is how I have removed the rudder on Pekeri.

If you any questions or advice please drop me a line at: ss24pekeri@gmail.com